A 29-year-old Spring Calley, New York man will be sentenced for allegedly setting fire to a witness in a court case.

Wesner Pierre was convicted of setting a parked car on fire at approximately 8:30pm on  November 3, 2014 and then attacking a man who tried to intervene.

Rockland County District Attorney Thomas P. Zugibe charges that Pierre threw gasoline on the man who tried to intervene, burned his neck, and warned the witness that he would be shot if he "snitched."

The car that was set on fire is reported to have been owned by someone whom Pierre had hit in the head with a rock eight days before the incident.

Pierre was convicted of the following charges:

  • one count of arson (third degree, a felony)
  • one count of assault (second degree, a felony)
  • one count of criminal possession of a weapon (third degree, a felony)
  • one count of criminal mischief (fourth degree, a misdemeanor)

Pierre is scheduled for sentencing on October 27, 2015.


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