Who actually steals one? That is the real question.

Rome Police Do A Little Spring Cleaning

City of Rome, NY Police Department
City of Rome, NY Police Department via Facebook

The City of Rome Police Department went out in search of shopping carts just a few days ago. The problem is they can be found all throughout the city, even in places you might not imagine finding a shopping cart.

Like In A Body Of Water For Instance

City of Rome, NY Police Department
City of Rome, NY Police Department via Facebook

That is the whole point of the cleanup, to bring the carts back to their respective businesses, and in turn, removing an eyesore as well. The thing is, it actually is against the law to remove a shopping cart from the premises of the place of business they are owned by.

Not Only In Rome, But Across New York

Judges or Auctioneer Gavel And Money On The Wooden Table

It may seem obvious to a large number of people, but it does still happen. Some might walk to the store and not want to carry the bags back home so you roll the cart, that is illegal.

Here Is The Actual Law:

GBS § 399-q. Use of carts, cases, trays, baskets, boxes and other containers.

It is unlawful to willingly or knowingly with the intent to deprive the owner of a container of possession


  • Remove one of these items from the property of the establishment.
  • Selling the item.
  • Deface or alter item.

What Is The Punishment?

Judge holding gavel in courtroom
Chris Ryan

Hard time isn't in the future if this law is broken, but there could end up being a fine handed out.

When the Rome Police did their cleanup, they recovered 39 total shopping carts. Is this information enough to return the cart to the cart corral?

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