A violent storm tore through New York Mills Wednesday evening, tearing part of the roof off of Mill #1, at the end of Mill Place.

The storm struck at about six, bringing heavy rain and high winds to the area. Trees and power lines throughout the area were taken down, with residents forced to perform clean up duties for the second time in a week.

Josh Nassif lives on Mill Place, just down the street from where the mill stands. He says the whole event took place in mere seconds.

"In about 15 seconds, all of the trees and the power lines were down," Nassif said. "Cable was down. I came outside after opening up my blinds, within about two seconds of the rain coming down, and there was just calamity after that. My back window [to my car] got busted out."

Gino Geruntino, WIBX

On his lawn sits a long piece of a wooden beam formerly inside of Mill #1. It, along with slate shingles were thrown down onto homes and cars. A home at the end of the street had homes in its roof from the impact of pieces falling from the old building.

"It was pure silence," Nassif said. "It was just epic silence. It was like the air took all the sound out of the noise."

But, he didn't seem too upset by what had just happened and is still planning on leaving for vacation on Thursday.

"I think we just take it in stride; it's weather," Nassif said. "I don't know what it's due to other than possibly storms for right now."

Officials on the scene attribute the roof collapse to the strong winds.