First, he gave her his liver. Then, he gave her his heart.

Chris Dempsey was at work in Frankfort, Ill. about a year ago when he heard a co-worker talking about how his cousin, Heather Krueger, needed a liver. Krueger had been battling liver disease since 2014 and her doctor said she needed someone to donate a liver to save her life.

After overhearing the conversation, Dempsey, who served in the Marines, offered up himself, even though Krueger was a total stranger:

When I heard about it, I just put myself in that position and said I would really want someone to help me."

Dempsey was a match and when the two met before the surgery, love was in the air. Krueger said, "Getting through this, sticking with me through that and then after we get out, wanted to make it official. Just there, I knew he was special."

Dempsey wasn't only special -- he was also the one. Last month, he popped the question and the two hope to get married this October.

The pair had some issues after the procedure, but are both doing well now. Dempsey said donating his liver was a no-brainer. "No regrets. I'd do it again in a heartbeat if I had to," he said.

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