More Than 100 Students Kicked Off Plane For Misbehavior
What should've been a fun vacation trip from New York to Atlanta turned nightmarish on Monday morning when an airline kicked a group of 101 Yeshiva students and their eight chaperones off a plane for being rambunctious. The school, however, says the incident was blown way out of proportion and …
Explosion in Atlanta
On the heels of the Boston Marathon attack, any explosion will been seen through the lens of that incident.  Within the last hour (5:15pm EDT) an explosion occurred at a thrift shop on Atlanta's east side.
Super Bowl XLVII Preview
The Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers will meet in Super Bowl XLVII at the Superdome in New Orleans on Sunday to decide which team gets to hoist the Lombardi Trophy as the champions of the National Football League.

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