Sept 11 Memorial-Responders Tribute
A tribute to thousands of rescue and recovery workers who labored in the ruins of the World Trade Center is taking shape in Vermont, where workers are chipping at and chiseling slabs of granite that will be installed this spring at the national Sept. 11 memorial.
Deer Disease-Northeast
Deer biologists across northern New England are dusting off their plans for dealing with a fatal disease that has been spreading across North America for a half-century and was recently discovered again on a Canadian game farm.
Drowned Moose
Vermont's moose biologist says brain-worm parasites and not onlookers probably caused the death of a moose that had drowned in Lake Champlain after swimming across about a 6-mile stretch of the lake from New York to South Hero.
Drowned Moose
A moose drowned in Lake Champlain after people crowded around the animal to take its picture, Vermont wildlife officials said.
Police in Vermont are investigating an apparent drowning in a river behind the Green Mountain College campus.
Woman Killed
A Vermont police department says the vehicle of a suspect wanted in the shooting death of a South Burlington woman has been found in New York.
Human Remains
A Vermont woman told police that she shot a man living in her home and stashed his body in a trash bin because he manipulated family members with drugs, constantly drank and raped her, according to court papers released Tuesday.

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