During Difficult Times Like These, as we're All Alone Together living through Our New Normal, I feel We'll be Stronger on the Other Side because We Are New York Strong. How's that for fitting five COVID-19 era advertising cliches' into one run on sentence?

If you're like me, you've had your fill of inspirational (and now overused) messages during this stay at home order and now simply want them to just go away. So, in the spirit of wishful thinking, here's a list of ten ad slogans that copywriters everywhere should remove from their vocabulary.

1.     #AllAloneTogether

2.     We Will Heal Our Land

3.     Please remember to Wash Your Hands (I'm not sure on this one, but I guess every great commercial needs a "Call to Action")

4.     During These Uncertain Times

5.     We'll Get Through This Together

6.     This is the New Normal

7.     We'll Be Stronger On the Other Side

8.     Staying Apart is the Best Way to Stay Connected

9.     Good Hygiene Is In Your Hands

10.    You Are the True Heroes

Thoughts and Prayers to anyone who is offended by this list because they've written or read these lines recently. I know I've used each and every one of them at least once over the last 60 days, so I'm guilty too. Just remember, We're All in This Together!


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