Chilipalooza is coming to the Herkimer County Fairgrounds on Saturday October 15. As part of the fall music festival is a chili cook-off between area volunteer fire departments. In an effort to get you excited about the chili and maybe to inspire our fire departments, I scoured the web for the best chili videos I could find. Grab your chili at Chilipalooza in a sample or a whole bowl. Plus you'll have the chance to vote on your favorite chili and earn the winning FD $1000.

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    The Best Restaurant Chili

    TEXAZ Grill - Phoenix, Arizona

    The TEXAZ Grill is a local favorite haunt in Phoenix, Arizona. They make a fairly traditional Texas chili. Extra points as they grind their meat fresh. An interesting addition is masa (corn flour) for thickness and a hint of corn flavor.

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    The Best Cincinnati Style Chili

    Skyline Chili - Cincinnati, OH

    Skyline Chili is an institution in Southern Ohio. They make a thin bean-less chili with a distinct cinnamon flavor. The classic 3-way is chili over spaghetti and topped with cheese. Add raw onion and you've got a 4-way. Pile on the beans and you're talking a Skyline 5-way.

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    The Best Home Made Chili

    Dad's Fundamental Chili Recipe

    This chili will feed recipe is enough to feed a small army. Dad starts with 5 pound of ground meat and adds 2 types of beans, tomato sauce, seasoning and brown sugar.

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    Best Chili Verde

    Pork Chili Recipe

    Chili really isn't a matter of beans or meat but rather the spice and heat, as this bean-less, pork based chili proves. The green in this chili comes from roasted green chilies.

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    Best Chili Variant

    Texas Chili Pie

    This casserole is a layer of corn chips, chili, cheese and sour cream for a quick and yummy idea for left over or canned chili.

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