This is the contest that will allow us to have a little fun with that legendary Greater Utica question: Are Nano jobs really coming to the area?

Enter the Keeler Nano Tech Job Pool from Andrew and Joe Hobika of the Hobika Law Firm.

It's actually simple.  Just call the Keeler in the Morning show on WIBX Monday through Friday between 6 and 9 am and tell producer Andrew what exact date you think Governor Andrew Cuomo will come into town to announce 1000 jobs or more.  If it happens on the date you select, you win $500 in cash from the Hobika Law Firm courtesy of Andrew and Joe Hobika.  Additionally, there's a twist!  If you're one of the 'nay-sayers' who thinks these jobs are never coming; well, there's room for you in the contest, as well.  Instead of picking a date, ask to be added to the 'It Ain't Never Going to Happen' category.  That way, if the jobs don't come before midnight on December 31, 2015, you'll be entered into a drawing with all of the other 'nay sayers' (by then you'll be realists) to win the $500 in cash.

So, don't waste any more time, call into WIBX at your next earliest convenience at 315-736-0186 and prepare to win some cash.

Get Official Rules here


August Contestants

1st: Jim Primarolo
3rd: Jennie Dygert
4th: Gert Molampy
5th: Joe Kosuda
6th: Wayne Jennings
7th: Kathleen Przelomiec
8th: George Buccolo
10th: Arty Finch
11th: Julie Matt
12th: Ryan Leogrande
13th: Mark Connors
14th: Donna Delanno
17th: Lee Zwierecki
18th: Sergio Dudin
19th: Joan Ehlinger
20th: Jerry Williams
21st: Marty Smith
22nd: Michele Maramarco
23rd: Bob Lorraine
24th: Julie Soulie
25th: Gary Smith
26th: Sharon Nash
27th: Pam Dylis
28th: Heather Ferrara
31st: Harry O'Donnell

September Contestants

1st: Brian Legacy
10th: Cynthia Wright
11th: Maria Wolak
17th: Dave Dylis
23rd: Kim Connors