New York has awarded Oneida County $23.6 million dollars for the shovel-ready 332-acre Griffiss 'Triangle' dubbed to serve as a premiere semiconductor supply chain campus.

Oneida County was one of seven shovel ready sites to be awarded funding from the FAST NY grant program, Griffiss receiving the largest award, according to Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente Jr..

“Conveniently located in the center of New York State and positioned adjacent to Wolfspeed and Micron, Oneida County’s ‘Triangle Site’ at Griffiss is positioned to be the state’s premier semiconductor supply chain campus, offering up to 50 megawatts of power,” Picente said. “This largest shovel-ready site in the state will unlock up to 2.6 million square feet of new construction and the potential for 3,000 new jobs. This is a huge opportunity for our community and I thank Governor Hochul for awarding us the funding to make it happen.”

The award includes a local match of $2,691,000 from its partners, including Griffiss Local Development Corporation (GLDC) Mohawk Valley EDGE, C&S Companies and the City of Rome. The improvements will complete infrastructure and transportation improvements to the Triangle Site to support up to 3.9 million square feet of developable area. 

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Development includes:

•Electrical Upgrade & Extension

◦Doubling capacity to provide up to 50 megawatts

•Water & Sewer Extension

◦Force Main & Pump Station

◦Looping for increased pressure

•Transportation & Access Upgrades

◦Roundabout Construction

◦Sound Barrier Construction

◦Lighting & Pedestrian Infrastructure

•Natural Gas Extension from State Route 825

•General Site Work

◦Perimeter Fencing

◦Site Grading and Green Infrastructure

◦Duct Bank and Utility Corridors

"Securing this $23.6 million FAST NY award significantly enhances Oneida County's status as a premier destination for new businesses,” said Steven DiMeo, Authorized Representative of GLDC and President of MV EDGE. “The development of the Griffiss Triangle Parcel will establish it as the foremost semiconductor supply chain campus in New York State. Griffiss has witnessed substantial public and private investments since its inception. This award further underscores GLDC's mission by revitalizing the former Griffiss Air Force Base into an innovative, high-tech business park," DiMeo added.

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