It's a shocking story of a man whose truck and a safe from his home were robbed as he slept, but he claims police are refusing to press charges.

But, that is being disputed by local police.

Brian Murphy of Yorkville was looking for a companion when a friend at work introdcuted him to an atrtractive woman more than 20 years younger than he.

The woman, who lived in the Syracuse area, arranged to be dropped off at Brian's house so they could meet face to face after a week of texting one another.

Brian says his guest helped him mow the lawn and offered to make him dinner. He got a little tired, and told his new lady friend to wake him when dinner was ready. Some eight to nine hours later, Brian awoke in the middle of the night to find his pickup truck had been stolen and his heavy personal safe was removed from his bedroom.

There is disagreement between Brian and Whitestown police over whether charges in the case have been filed. He says police aren't charging the perpatrator and basically told him that he should have known better.

Brian's truck was eventually recoved, along with a cellphone, drugs and drug paraphenalia, he says. Based on a conversation with Onondaga County District Attorney's office, the woman is facing charges, but for an unrelated case, he says.

The following day, Whitestown Police Chief Donald Wolanin phoned WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning to explain why charges were not filed by the local police department.

Wolanin said he did not dispute Brian's claim of being robbed, but says the case is being prosecuted.

When the vehicle was recoved - in Brooklyn - there were two men and two women inside, including Brian's new acquaintance. NYPD notified Whitestown police that the vehicle had been recovered and the occupants were charged initially with possession of stolen property, he said.

Wolanin says Brian's new lady 'friend' had 13 prior arrests and was on probation, and the two men she was with had a combined rap sheet that totaled more than 100 arrests.

After the truck was recovered, she ultimately faced six charges including three counts of possession of stolen property - the pickup truck - and possession of a hypodermic needle, he said.

''She's already charged, there's actually four different felonies that I can see here right now,'' Wolanin said. And, he says when police tracked the vehicle's route the learned they were also allgedly involved in a shoplifting incident in the village of Monticello.