The New York State Police have been a little busy on the phones, numerous people have called in about their tires being destroyed after driving on Route 31 in Verona.

Tires sure aren't cheap. Even if you want to slap a cheap set of rubber on the rims of your car, you are looking at around $400 for a set of four. At least if you want something with a little bit of quality. Well, numerous drivers are now shopping for a new set of tires after taking a drive through Verona on Route 31.

Currently, there doesn't seem to be any kind of information as to what exactly this mystery substance is. The term "Tar-like substance" is being used. Could it be hot tar that came out of a vehicle? Obviously, the heat could obliterate a set of tires. I would imagine tar that isn't tamped down would certainly not be all too great for them either.

The New York State Police are asking for your help to locate the vehicle that may have done this. According to CNYCentral, some kind of substance was spilled onto the roadway. The police also do not believe this to be anything that was done intentionally. Here is where you're able to help, if you see any vehicle that is leaking some kind of tar substance, contact the police at 315-366-6000.

So obviously right now, Route 31 in Verona near Route 365 isn't exactly one of the best roads if it's destroying tires. Check out some of the other roads in the area that are just flat-out awful.

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