There are 2 local school districts in the region searching for a Superintendent of Schools.

Holland Patent's search is underway for their district leader who is expected to assume the position in January of next year. Superintendent Jason Evangelist will exit at the conclusion of this school year after taking a job as an Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum at the Camden Central School District. Evangelist has been Holland Patent's super for the last 4 years.

"The Board of Education of the Holland Patent Central School District invites interested, highly-qualified educators to submit applications for the position of Superintendent of Schools. The search process will be conducted over the next several months. The successful candidate should be available to assume the position on or about January 2022." -The Council off School Superintendents

Holland Patent is also searching for an Elementary Principal.

The New Hartford Central School District is in the middle of their search for a superintendent after Bob Nole reached an agreement with the school board earlier this year to step aside.

The application submission process concluded on May 14, and the district is now reviewing applications and interviewing candidates.  The board expects to announce the new Superintendent sometime this summer. Former Whitesboro Superintendent Dave Langone has been serving as interim superintendent since Nole's resignation.

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