Grilled cheese is life, and it's making me "melt" to know that one of Clinton's most admired eateries is opening a second location right here in Utica.

In case you missed it, The Compound announced the news late last week that they will be expanding their clientele by opening their second location in Downtown Utica.

According to their Facebook post, they will be opening up shop in the Winter of 2022 where the former Utica Bread location on Genesee Street. They'll be joining the strip of some other pretty great spots, including The Tailor and The Cook, Utica Coffee, and Jonny's Pizza.

All the comments on the announcement are nothing short of positive, with those in the community excited to have The Compound close by. I know I am.

Owners Anna and Sharrone Sofer opened the eatery last November in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. While for some the pandemic was a nail in the coffin of their business, The Compound has done nothing but thrive in the Clinton community.

In case you've never experienced The Compound before, they opened with two main focuses: butter and grilled cheese. They make their own flavors of butter, and used the grilled cheese as the perfect pairing to show everyone some amazing flavor combinations. They also have a high tea experience

Currently, you can find The Compound in Clinton at 11 West Park Row. I know I won't be the only one counting down the days until we can enjoy everything that they have to offer right here in Utica.

How stoked are you that The Compound will be opening a second location? Let us know on our station app.

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