Utica Police say they are investigating a series of vehicle larcenies over the past week and they're offering simple advice to help protect you from becoming a victim.

Cops have been called to investigate multiple incidents in North Utica during that time and some of areas hit hardest include Riverside Dr, Deerfield Dr, Coolidge Rd, and Dawes Ave, wit most of the incidents in the late evening/early morning hours. As is often the case when police are looking into several larcenies in a concentrated area, it appears the thieves are looking for easy scores and most of the cases involved vehicles that were left unlocked, police said on Facebook:

Typically most thieves won't bother breaking into a motor vehicle that is locked with no visible property inside.

UPD is stepping up patrols in those neighborhoods for the time being, but are also advising local residents use what they are calling the TLC method.

  • TAKE out valuables.
  • LOCK your vehicle, garage, and home.
  • CALL the police to report suspicious or illegal activity.

UPD officials also offered this advice to prevent you from having your vehicle stolen:

 1. Lock your car doors while your vehicle is parked in driveways or on the street overnight. Thieves can use garage door openers found in unlocked cars to access garages and homes.
2. Do not leave anything of value such as purses, wallets, keys, electronics and firearms inside your vehicle.
3. Do not leave your car key fob in your vehicle making it easier to steal it.
Anyone with information on the larcenies, or if you have been a victim yourself, contact Utica Police.

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