The cold weather is here to stay at least for another couple months, and that means higher heating and energy bills. So here are a few simple tips that I use to keep the cold out.

Close Your Curtains and Blinds at Night

Windows will let heat escape, but much more so at night when there is no sunshine. During the day, more sunshine (and therefore heat energy) is let in than out, so keep your curtains open on sunny days and be sure to close them at night.

Cover Your Walls

This is pretty simple, the more pictures, mirrors and decorations on your walls the better, especially with brick/stone walls. Even a basic poster can raise the surface temperature of your walls, saving you from having to turn up the thermostat.

Cover Your Front Door

Even the best insulated doors can let in a draft of cold air. Simply use a thick door curtain, and like with your windows, keep it closed at night.

Position Your Furniture Away From External Walls

Obviously, your internal walls will be warmer than the external walls because there isn't cold air constantly blowing against them. Try moving your furniture towards the middle of larger rooms and use a solid headboard in your bedroom if your bed is against an outside wall. If your desk faces a wall so you can look out a window, try putting a piece of thick cardboard between the desk and wall to keep your legs warmer.


If one of your rooms is constantly losing heat to another more drafty room try putting up a blanket or curtain to keep the heat in. Close doors in the house like your bedroom and bathroom so they stay heated and don't siphon heat from other rooms.

There you have it, a few simple tips to keep your home warmer during the cold months.


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