Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump each won convincingly in their respective New York primary elections on Tuesday.

Although numbers aren't official, the two front runners are projected to take the lion's share of delegates from the empire state.

In Oneida County, Donald Trump won with the backing of 56% of GOP voters, 58% in Herkimer County, and beat John Kasich 47/32% in Madison County. Overall in the 22nd Congressional District, Trump won 52% of the vote and will take all three of the district's delegates. The numbers for Ted Cruz were at 15% in all of the Empire State, and just under 20% in NY-22.

And while Democrats in the 22nd favored Bernie Sanders 56-44% over Clinton, statewide, the former New York senator finished some 15 points ahead of Sanders (57-42%).

Trump's final number is still being calculated. He's hoping to snag as many of the state's 95 GOP delegates as he can. He had secured 89, and Kasich 3, as of this posting.

A total of 291 delegates will be awarded by New York Democrats. Of those being awarded in the primary (247) Clinton had 135, to Sander's 104 as of this posting (12:05 a.m. on Wednesday).

Lohud.com explains how New York Democrats divide their delegates:

The Democratic side is more complicated.

There are 44 unpledged Democratic delegates, commonly known as “superdelegates”: congressional representatives, current and former governors, Democratic National Committee members and other officials who are free to support whomever they wish, regardless of the primary vote.

The remaining 247 Democratic delegates are based on the primary results.

A total of 163 delegates are awarded at the district level. Each congressional district has five, six or seven delegates that are distributed proportionally, based on the results in each individual district.

The remaining 84 Democratic delegates are distributed proportionally based on the statewide primary results.


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