Digital Universe (WIBX) - The folks at Twitter are excitedly tweeting the ability to get business news from the "Twitterverse," through the use of what they are calling "cashtags."  But not everyone is happy about the announcement.

StockTwits founder and CEO Howard Lindzon just recently sold off his Twitter shares and posted the following on his blog: "It’s interesting that Twitter has hijacked our creation of $TICKER ie. $AAPL. It only took four years to 'fill' this hole, though a few months back they told me in a detailed email it was not a hole they wanted to fill. You can hijack a plane but it does not mean you know how to fly it.  Twitter is about advertising dollars. They have $1 billion of venture money on the line. Lot’s of pressures I am not interested in."

Harsh words but many in the industry agree with Lindzon's sentiments.  Others point to the fact that Twitter might have better success marketing the plan, since the news about Cashtags has quickly spread to the general public.

How does it work?  Well, for example, if you want information about Townsquare Media, WIBX's parent company, tweet them at $RGCIQ.

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