State Police in New York released a bodycam video recently hoping to clear the air about horrific allegations made against them, during an incident that happened back on March 20th in Upstate, NY.

"I see that you're pregnant. If you're not good, you need to let me know because you're in my custody now. Your well-being is part of my responsibility."
Oranchak then replies, "I'm OK for right now."

A woman in her third trimester claims that State Police mistreated and manhandled her during a traffic stop - where the expecting mom was ultimately charged with drug possession and fleeing an officer.

According to the New York Post, Quashaia Oranchak from Binghamton, who was six and a half months pregnant, accused the agency of “bodyslamming her on the hood” of the cruiser during a March 20 traffic stop arrest in Binghamton.”

Why was Oranchak stopped and arrested?

Oranchak was stopped back on March 20th and charged with criminal possession of controlled substances, criminal use of drug paraphernalia, and fleeing an officer in a motor vehicle.

Sources say that a "quantity of fentanyl and methamphetamine was located secreted in her body."

According to reports Quashaia Oranchak, was then transported to Broome County Jail, where she was found unresponsive six hours after her arrest, losing her unborn baby in the process.

What does the State Police bodycam show?

But the recently released body cam video (below) shows that police were patient and gentle with her, a far cry from what her attorney claims.

Police in the video are even seen helping her drink water while she was in cuffs, all the while repeatedly asking if she was okay, or if there was anything to can do to help.

Oranchak's attorney claims that police unleashed on her because she's black and was lawfully unstopped by State Troopers.

According to News 12, Oranchak's attorney Ronald Benjamin claims the incident was racially motivated saying in a press conference that if "this car had white people, it would not have happened...They wouldn't have stopped her car."

The attorney added, "There's no doubt that the police's stop and the arrest were unlawful, and we will pursue the violation of her rights vigorously," according to Fox News.

Quashaia Oranchak's attorney thinks the incident caused the child’s "untimely demise and (the family is) demanding that there be an impartial investigation into the police conduct and resulting homicide.”

The investigation is ongoing.

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