There are very few people who enjoy wearing a mask during this Pandemic. They are hot, stuffy and uncomfortable. However, the law states all people must wear some sort of face covering in a public store or restaurant. One customer at a local establishment had a problem with that.

Heather Delia is the co-owner of Utica Coffee Roasting Company. She recently posted on her Facebook page an incident in which two customers entered the cafe without face coverings. When they were asked to please put a mask on, they refused. Next, a mask was offered to them for free and they refused again. When they refused to accept the offer of the free mask, they were refused service and what happened next is somewhat shocking.

When the two patrons were refused service, Delia says the man "proceeded to throw our hand sanitizer stand, almost hitting a customer and walked out." This situation has truly become out of hand. What kind of society are we becoming where a simple task of wearing a covering on your face to grab a coffee at a privately owned business warrants destruction of property?

People need to relax, take a deep breath and put themselves in the shoes of a person who may be at higher risk of contracting the virus or someone who owns a business. The fines that are being levied against businesses are heavy and can be crippling in a time where the economy is already suffering. Please, for the sake of the Central New York businesses we enjoy so much cover your face when inside them. When you walk out the door you have the right to remove that mask.

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