Anywhere you go in New York State you can find incredible artwork, specifically murals. One local favorite has a mural that is getting major attention on the 'I Love NY' website.

This particular article titled "Street Art You Need To See In New York State" features pieces that span the entire state from New York City to the North Country and from east to west. The mural spotlighting Utica is located on the side of a building owned and used by Utica Coffee Roasting Company.

In the article it shows a photo submitted by former barista at the cafe, Sarah DeSarro, of the mural painted on the roasting building behind the main cafe on Bagg's Square. The website's description reads,

Choose which mural you want to be your background while enjoying your coffee at Utica Coffee Roasting Co. There’s no way you can miss this street art display during your visit to Utica, created (from right to left) by Angela Johnson, Jen Major, Maria Vallese, Marc-Anthony Pilozzi, Naeem Giles, and Tito Santiago. Sip your morning coffee and soak in all that caffeine for a jam-packed day! Keep the adventure going with a trip to the Utica Zoo and see over 200 animals and then stop by Saranac Matt Brewing Co. and pick up a classic summer case of Blueberry Blonde Ale.

This is not the only fine mural or art design painted on city buildings. The Uptown Theater building features murals done by local artist Tony Thompson and The Sickenberger is filled with a variety of pieces done by various artists. It's not hard to find great art anywhere in our great state, but especially in Utica and the surrounding areas.

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