Utica Police hosted a pup-up picnic over the weekend, something the department says is part of an ongoing effort to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the community.

The UPD's Community Outreach Team partnered with the Save Our Streets team, hosting the gathering at the corner of Saratoga and Court streets, police said.

Via the Utica Police Facebook page:

UPD and SOS are committed to bridging the gap between law enforcement and our community through whatever means we can. This is just a small example of that.

Stepping up efforts to 'bridge' gaps is something that many police departments around the country will likely be doing more of in the wake of the death of George Floyd while being knelt on by now-former Minneapolis, MN police officer Derek Chauvin last month.

Utica police host pop-up picnic. June of 2020 (via Utica Police Facebook page)

The death has sparked outrage and prompted countless protests and marches across the nation.

One held just over a week ago in Utica included participation three members of the Utica Police Department, including the city's deputy police chief.

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