Utica Councilman Joe Marino believes the city will find itself in the same situation financially next year, because he says, "I think we're kicking the can down the road.''

During an interview Tuesday morning on WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning, Marino acknowledged the city was not following NYS Comptroller Tom Dinapoli's 'ideas', especially when it comes to city savings:

  • "We're putting our pencil to paper and getting to it."
  • ''Fortunately or unfortunately we get [the budget] the same day the public does.''
  • ''I don't plan to increase taxes above two percent."
  • ''You don't know what could have happen with the unions, sales tax.''
  • ''Oneida County is one of 62 counties in the state. Utica, generally speaking, is at the bottom of a lot of financial lists. The county is not at the bottom of too many lists financially. I don't know if we're getting our fair share [from the county].''
  • ''We did not address any systemic problems...We will be facing the same exact problems as we did next year as we did this year.''
  • ''We're gonna have to buckle down and see who's really got the intestinal fortitude to really make the tough decisions."

Full audio to come...check back for update.

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