Utica Fire Chief Russell Brooks was in the WIBX studio this week following his unsuccessful appearance in court where he was denied the opportunity to re-argue his case against Mayor Rob Palmieri and the City of Utica. Brooks is asking for the city to acknowledge health benefit eligibility after contracting cancer that the World Trade Center Health Organization has affirmed is related to the September 11th terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York. Brooks has been on mandatory administrative leave since last fall.

Brooks claims his medical bills are paid by the World Trade Center Health Organization; but, he is suing the city for acknowledgement. Meanwhile Brooks says he is not suing the City of Utica; but instead, he's suing Mayor Palmieri who he claims is playing politics with his career.

During the Keeler in the Morning interview, Brooks also stated that Supreme Court Judge Patrick MacRae has ruled that the lawsuit is premature because he needs to formally file the proper paperwork. He says the application was being filled out immediately by his attorney.  Brooks also stressed that the judge claimed that when coming to his decision, he put 'little stock' in the doctors hired by the City of Utica who claimed he is not fit to serve. Brooks said the judge's decision was procedural.

Listen to the entire interview here:

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