A Utica man is in police custody for allegedly trying to rob a gas station in New Hartford.

New Hartford Police say 31-year-old Cody Meulengracht is charged with attempted robbery in the second degree, a Class D felony, following an incident on Wednesday morning at the Cliff's Local Market on Genesee Street, New Hartford. They believe it was Meulengracht who entered the store and passed a note the cashier instructing her to give him the money in the register, and that is she did so, she wouldn't be hurt. Police say he also ''protrayed'', or acted as though he had a gun in his pocket.

Later that same day, Utica Police were investigating a similar incident in West Utica. Cops in Utica were able to locate the suspect in connection with the West Utica incident, and it was determined he matched the description of the man who attempted to rob the convenience store in New Hartford, according to a release from New Hartford PD.

Police say Meulengracht did not get any money in the attempted hold up in New Hartford. He's being held without bail.

No official word yet on whether he has been charged in connection with the reported incident in West Utica.


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