It was a scary moment for a Utica family Thursday when a man and his nephew were presumed missing.

Utica Police say at approximately 10:30AM 28-year-old Divone Outten picked up his 1-year-old nephew Arell Outten from the child's grandmother's house and only intended to have him for a short period of time.

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Approximately five hours later Arell's grandmother contacted Utica Police to tell them that Divone had not returned with the child and she had become extremely worried. Not only had Divone not returned the child, but the grandmother was not able to get in contact with Divone.

At approximately 5:15PM Utica Police issued an AMBER Alert, which was later changed to a DCJS Missing Persons Alert. Eventually, Divone and Arell were located in Amsterdam, New York and were found to be in good health. The details surrounding the incident are not known at this time and Utica Police continue to investigate the incident.

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