Utica area resident William "Billy" Leary who was arrested and detained last week on January 6th after the attack on the U.S. Capitol, spoke to WIBX's Keeler Show on Thursday.

Leary said he arrived late (after 4 p.m.) in Washington and was unaware of the siege on the Capitol building. He also said he was unaware of the curfew that had been imposed for 6:00 p.m. by officials after the attack, which ultimately resulted in his arrest.

"Never entered it (Capitol building)," said Leary. "It was good there, there wasn't a bad vibe at all," he said. Leary claimed after the National Guard arrived, that's when things changed.  Video accounts and news reports show a very different story. In fact, following investigations by federal officials, the attack on the Capitol seems much worse than originally believed last Wednesday night. Recent video shows a very organized attack with inside information and belief that the goal by some of those who stormed the building were doing so with the intention of taking control of the building.

Leary says, he had no knowledge of violence and feels that the entire incident has been blown out of proportion.

When asked if he endorsed breaking into the Capitol building and causing damage and mayhem, Leary said, "no" and he doesn't think it should have happened. "If I was there, I'm thinking in my own head, would I have gone in, I don't think I would have, to be honest with you," he said.

Leary said that when he was arrested, his cell phone was taken from him and the government still has his phone, which includes photos from the event.

Leary said he believes there is evidence that leads him to believe the election was stolen. He said his news and information comes from Alex Jones, Doug Hagman and podcasts.

"Do I think that I was called to violence by President Trump? Not in any way," he said.

Leary said he believes he was arrested because he violated the curfew. When asked if there was ever a time that he had knowledge that there was a curfew, he said, "no."

When asked how he felt after he got home and saw how violent the demonstration was, Leary responded by saying the woman (who was a part of the siege) who was shot and ultimately died, didn't have to be shot. Leary said he wants people to know he's not a terrorist. He'll be returning to court in D.C. next month to answer to the charges.

Listen to the complete interview with Leary here.


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