I'm 56 years old and was born after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. I remember the Iranian hostage crisis and lived through the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger. I also remember the disaster attack on New York, Washington and Pennsylvania on 9/11 and up until Wednesday, January 6th, 2021, that was the worst disaster of my lifetime. Well, today changed that.

The mob attack on the United States Capitol today in Washington, D.C. is now the worst moment in American history during my lifetime. Not since 1814 when a foreign power, Great Britain, invaded the capitol city and burned the Capitol building and the President's Mansion to the ground. The Capitol has been generally secure for the last 206 years and I guess that if an attack were to happen during any one year, it would be this one. What makes this so bad is that the attack came from within.

There is absolutely no excuse for the attack by Trump supporters on the Capitol building. I watched one interview on television when one mobster claimed that the Capitol belonged to the people, so the invasion was legal. Give me a break! This was an invasion and illegal in every way under U.S. law. We were never brought up to believe that we could just rush a public building because we were citizens and taxpayers. What a joke!

Before I go further, there are some that believe the people who stormed the Capitol were not Trump supporters, but instead far left ANTIFA rebels. While I can't tell for sure who these people were, those who stormed the "People's House" were almost entirely dressed in President Trump garb. In fact, one of the protesters climbed the Capitol flag pole and replaced an American flag with a Trump flag. Furthermore, several members of law enforcement and the New York Times has reported there is no evidence that ANTIFA stormed the Capitol building today. However, for some people these days, results of an official investigation are deemed fake news. It seems pretty obvious, if there were ANTIFA members, they were extremely small in numbers.

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The most egregious problem with today's attack is the fact that it was most definitely encouraged by President Donald Trump. Speeches and Tweets leading up to January 6th on several occasions hinted about today's march on the Capitol. The President's speech on Wednesday sent out a call to action for supporters to march to the Capitol with an objective of taking back the stolen election. Everyone knew there would be violence if huge angry crowds marched on the Capitol building. It was obvious.

Adding to President Trump's disturbing directive, after the mob had stormed the Capitol building, a treasonous act that interrupted the democratic process and business of the American people, the President remained generally quiet. He Tweeted two times without ever urging the mob to stand down. By 4 p.m., well after the attack on democracy, he finally sent out a recorded video that praised the mob, reinforced the unproven claim that the election was fraudulently stolen, and told the mobsters to peacefully go home. That was more than 3 hours after the takeover of the Capitol.

There's also the controversy that claims Capitol Police willingly allowed Trump protestors to pass through security gates in order to storm the Capitol building. While there is video that shows this action and police members taking selfies with mobsters, this accusation is unproven. I anticipate an investigation into this matter and will await their conclusion before I come to any conclusion of my own. The danger of this accusation is that if true, it would almost certainly be the crime of treason, a coup on our government, and would likely reach deep into the Trump administration and quite possibly, reaching President Trump himself.

Finally, this is an event that can be judged only by today's actions. It can not be compared to events that happened with Black Lives Matter and other movements. including looting, invasions of city blocks, police stations and businesses. You can't say, "Yeah, but look at what Black Lives Matter did." Those crimes were dealt with then and can not be compared to today as justification. This is not junior high school. Furthermore, the Black Lives Matter protests were not attacks on America's Capitol building. I guarantee that BLM would be treated differently had they invaded the United States Capitol.

I struggled today fighting back tears as I watched this unfold on live television. I struggled as I watched this attack on my America and what I believe "my America" stands for. I was ashamed and embarrassed as the rest of the world looked on at our nation, the nation that up until now has been an example for the rest of the world.

I fly the American flag every day at my home. I love my country and I've always believed America and our experiment in democracy, makes for the greatest nation in the world. But today, we had to listen to leaders of countries like Turkey, tell us to respect democracy and fair elections. Are you kidding me?

Today, and I say this with great sadness, America was clearly NOT the greatest country in the world. We'll have to work very hard to regain this title, hopefully sooner than later.

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