Police and race relations are in tatters following the death of George Floyd from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Utica Police are taking a strong stand on the issue.

Police in Minneapolis originally took George Floyd into custody because he allegedly tried to buy groceries with a "bogus" $20 bill, according to The New York Post. Police were called to the scene when the clerk at the store called them for the alleged "forgery in progress."

When officers arrived they confronted Floyd, who was in a minivan outside of the store. Surveillance video shows police taking Floyd into custody and leading him to a patrol vehicle and other officers interviewing people at the scene.

The disturbing events that happened next were caught on a viral video clip of a police officer with his knee on Floyd's neck as he was handcuffed on the ground. As a result of the events, Floyd later died. Officers involved in the incident have been fired and the community is waiting on if charges will be filed. While waiting, Minneapolis is burning with protests and looting.

As a result of this incident the already fragile relationship between police forces across the country and the communities they serve has worsened. The Utica Police Department took to social media to denounce the actions of the officers involved in this situation.

Utica Police took to Facebook to send the community the message. Both Chief of Police Mark Williams and Deputy Chief Ed Noonan together strongly condemn the actions of the officers leading up to Floyd's death and the ultimate decision to terminate the officers.

The post also reads,

The Utica Police Department holds our officers to the highest standards and the men and women of the Utica Police Department are provided with training that meets and exceeds state and national standards. We extend our condolences to the family of Mr. Floyd, and our thoughts to the residents of the City of Minneapolis in hopes that they can come together and heal through this tragedy.

The untimely and unnecessary death of George Floyd is one that has sent shock waves across the country and will hopefully finally continue the conversation regarding police and race relations in the nation.

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