A Utica woman is facing menacing and endangerment charges for allegedly threatening another woman with a knife at a school bus stop.

According to a written release police say she was allegedly found with a kitchen-style knife tucked in her waistband.

While the felony threatening charge, and the allegation that she threatened the victim in front of a child, are undoubtedly serious and not to be made light of, her arrest has also sparked the interest of the fashion police.

On the T-shirt used in the mugshot photo taken by Utica Police appear the words, "I Shot the Sheriff," a reference to the song of the same name written by Bob Marley and released in 1973.

Some may argue that, in a world where just about everything on our person conveys some kind of a message - and where students have been prevented from wearing attire depicting, and honoring, soldiers fighting in battle for the "violent" image portrayed - that it may not be the perfect clothing choice when you are allegedly threatening someone and possibly anticipating a knock on the door from the police, or yes, the sheriff.  Others may applaud her for her lack of political correctness.

The woman faces a future court date to answer the charges against her.  There is no word yet on what her choice of attire will be for that appearance.


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