Anticipated attendance was between three and four thousand people at this year's Brewfest at the Utica Zoo.  Officials are expected to release the official numbers soon but, in the meantime, were you among those spotted by WIBX and "The Beer Next Door?"

 Utica Zoo's 2015 Brewfest Photo Gallery:


And, if you were among those able to get a glimpse of some of the lions during this year's Brewfest, you might like to see what some of them looked like just a couple of years ago:

WIBX post Utica Zoo Babies 2012
WIBX post Utica Zoo Babies 2012

The founder of Panther Lake Brewing, home brewer Carl D. Woodward, talks with "The Beer Next Door:"

[EDITOR's NOTE: Townsquare Media's WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning is the media sponsor of "The Beer Next Door," and directed by Rick E. Lewis and hosted by WIBX's Kristine Bellino.]


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