Utica , NY (WIBX) - Kept under wraps for just about six weeks, two African lion cubs born at the Utica Zoo are joining big brother Donovan who turned a year old this spring.

Executive Director Andrea DeLisle-Heath said that the lioness' pregnancy was a pleasant surprise.

A female cub weighed about two and three-quarters of a pound at birth and now weighs a full sixteen pounds. Her brother weighed three and a half pounds and has grown to seventeen.  Both were born on June 6, 2012 to Mom Moni and Dad Bakari. Donovan was born to the pair last year.

A month-old California sea lion pup also made her media debut. She was born to Munchkin and Porter on June 15, 2012 and weighs about 27 pounds.

The cubs and pup will not receive official names until patrons have had an opportunity to participate in the Utica Zoo Naming Program.

The public will be able to see all three babies and their families beginning this fall. Until then you can see photos and video here.

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