The scammers never stop and Utica Police are warning the public about the latest evolution of a scam that targets your credit or debit card, and personal information.

Police say they've gotten reports from city residents who've received email or text notification that their credit or debit card has been locked. The message instructs recipients to call a specific phone number. When called, an automated service prompts you to enter information including the full credit card number, zip code, 3 digit ID, expiration date and more.

Then, victims are told their card has been unlocked. But, police say the truth is the card was never locked and scammers now have all relevant information needed to steal your identity or illegally use the card. Cops say the scam has evolved so that you no longer have to speak with a live person, and the prompting information makes it seems more legit.

The warning, posted on the Utica Police Department Facebook page also states:

''As we have stated in the past, these scams are nearly impossible to solve with prosecution, and the individual may not know their account has been compromised until much later.  If you receive one of these alerts and are concerned about its authenticity, please do not contact the number provided, but instead contact the Customer Service number located on the back of your card. If you have been the victim of such a scam, feel free to contact us and we will generate a report and do our best to assist you with the investigation.


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