2021 was full of many new business additions to our area. We got a tour of Buff City Soap in Consumer Square. Crust Kitchen & Bar opened in Rome at 86 Hangar Road, along with Bowl Boss. We saw a new Ollie's Bargain Outlet open in The Plaza at Black River.

New businesses mean a thriving local economy, whether the business is locally owned or if it's a national restaurant with a local franchise owner. It's great to see business booming here - and that our communities are worth opening business in.

We all have dreams though. Dreams of, some day, our favorite places opening locally. I can't tell you how badly I hope that the gods will hear my plea for some specifics to open. We have been without my personal favorite places for long enough .

With 2022 finally here, we posed the question and got so man responses:

What's a business you'd like to see open their first Utica/Rome area location in 2022?

We're not just talking about restaurants here. Grocery stores. retail stores, you name it. What do you wish would open here?

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We compiled the list. Do you agree with any of the following? Let us know inside our station app.

We All Wish These Businesses Would Come to Utica/Rome in 2022

From food chains to activities to stores - these are all business locals wish would come to the Utica/Rome area in 2022. Do you agree?

Among the store changes in New Hartford's Consumer Square is the addition of Burlington. Allegedly, construction will be complete on that by March of 2022, and it will open for shoppers. We also know that the Utica store will remain open despite the opening in New Hartford.

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Who can you turn to to satisfy that soup craving? We asked all around social media and these are the places you said you turn to first. Not only did you name a restaurant, you named the soup. When we gathered responses, we only posted ones that had specific soups to try, and the restaurant. If we should add anyone else, text us on our station app and we will be happy to add them to the list. Be sure to tell us what soup they serve to include.

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