Joe Raedle, Getty Images
Joe Raedle, Getty Images

The United States Postal Service is stopping Saturday mail deliveries, saying it will save up to $2 billion a year. But, what do area residents think?

Adam Ford is a truck driver, and has had a post office box at the Marcy Post Office for more than a year. He says a lack of Saturday deliveries won't hurt him.

"It'll work," Ford said. "It;s just one day, you know. You don't get mail on Sundays, so if you're not going to get it on Saturday, it's one day. I think we'll all live. I work the weekends so it doesn't really effect me. If they want the weekends off, I guess I don't have a problem with it."

Another customer is less pleased about the change. He says it hurts those who may need important letters or other information that cannot wait.

Sue Land, an employee of the Marcy Post Office, explains what the average consumer can expect from a change in delivery schedules.

"There wouldn't be any home delivery, as far as letters, magazines and stuff like that, but they're still going to have package delivery," Land said.

Land also says people with post office boxes would still receive their usual Saturday mail.

"This office will be open the same time on Saturday," Land said. "It won't be closed."

The new schedule is expected to begin August 5th.