This must be a new thing, right? Well, I know I have seen not only Southern Comfort but also Fireball at some gas stations in Central New York.

I may be somewhat new to Central New York, but I have only ever lived in New York State and know they are really strict on things like this. Don't expect to hit up a Fastrac locally and pick up a fifth of SoCo. The Southern Comfort they are selling are the ones in the little shot bottles. Like the ones you would get up by the registers of an actual liquor store.

I tried my hardest to find anything that may have changed recently to make this a possibility, and I couldn't find anything. Been asking around to search for a reason that they can do this and I stumbled upon someone who actually asked a cashier about it. Apparently, New York considers Southern Comfort a malt beverage. I don't exactly think anyone would ever compare Natty Ice to Southern Comfort, but that's what the Empire State seems to think.

Fireball, okay, that's a little closer to a malt beverage. In reality, though, it still isn't. I have only seen this at the Fastrac in Marcy on River Road. Mind you it's really the only convenience store I hit up because I like their breakfast sandwiches. I'm not sure if you could find it at other gas stations locally. I thought for a second though they might be selling them illegally or something. Guess not!

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