Whitestown, NY (WIBX) - A Whitesboro woman was navigating her Lincoln a little too closely behind her husband.

She was driving on Westmoreland Road with four children.   Her husband and eight-year old daughter were riding a motorcycle ahead of her.  They were eastbound and were all headed to the same place.

Tracy VanCourt struck the back of the bike, sending her husband, William VanCourt, and her daughter into a lawn.

Both adults and the eight-year old were hospitalized.  The other children in the car were not injured.

Tracy may have a pre-existing condition which could have contributed to the accident.

Police are still investigating.   In the meantime Tracy was ticketed for following too closely and William for driving out of class.

Whitestown Police were assisted by the Whitesboro Police and Fire Departments as well as COCVAC ambulance.