President Trump is making a visit to Utica for a fundraising event. How will this work with his motorcade?

President Trump will fly from Fort Drum to Griffiss Airport into Rome on Air Force One, Monday, August 13, 2018. His motorcade will then take him to a secret location for a fundraising event. We're curious about the motorcade, will it stop at red lights, stop signs, slow down around road construction, and obey everyday traffic laws?

The answer is NO. Nope. Nodda. No Way Man.

President Trump's ride, dubbed "The Beast" is not only bulletproof, but it's more tank than a car. It has 8 inch thick armored doors and floor plates, gets about 4 miles per gallon, and it takes 15 seconds of flooring it to hit 60 mph. It's driven by a Secret Service Agent who specializes in driving large vehicles fast and safe.

The Secret Service has already planned out the route. They're in CNY, driving our roads, eating in our restaurants, looking for trouble spots and considering many things like if the sun will be in the driver's eyes making it difficult to spot threats.

Wired says once the motorcade's moving, the first rule is do not stop. Drive quickly and smoothly paying no attention to the speed limit. The motorcade will blast through CNY with the real action taking place at the edges, where our local boys in blue will do their work.

Odds are this high-speed parade will shut down streets while the president makes his way to the undisclosed location. "Cops on motorcycles will most likely block traffic at each intersection so no one can get onto the main route. Once the entourage has passed, those cops twist the throttle and "leapfrog" the whole affair to block the next intersection." [Wired]

So there it is. There's no stopping the motorcade until President Trump reaches his destination and the same will apply for the ride back to Griffiss Airport. If you're lucky enough to see any of the action, please send us your pictures!

This video shows a mishap with the motorcade, watch the right of the screen. Any thoughts on how long it took to take action?

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