We survived March and can finally give into hope that warm weather is around the corner.

Unfortunately, the last, freezing vestiges of winter could still be lurking in your yard: Tree damage. Our friends at Heritage Logging warn that with the many fluctuations in temperature this past winter, high winds may have caused damage to the structure of the tree, allowing for moisture to get trapped inside the cracks of the tree. Surface cracks can be much more serious than many homeowners realize.

Heritage Logging

Similarly, spotting active woodpeckers on a tree is a bad sign, because it means enough bugs have infested the tree that the woodpeckers are searching for food. The birds don't cause significant damage themselves, but the bugs they are after sure can.

Moreover, the saturated ground and high winds we typically experience in spring can cause rotting trees to topple over or lose large limbs.

If you're concerned about trees on your property, Gerry and his crew at Heritage Logging can look for signs of damage and internal rot, offer suggestions for addressing them, and if necessary, remove or trim the tree safely and efficiently.

They typically start with an on-site consultation and offer a quote based on the best method to remove it (such as climbing the tree, using a bucket truck or bringing in a crane). Then, homeowners can choose to have the stump cut flush to the ground or Heritage Logging can grind out the stump and spread grass seed in the area.

Ready to get started? Call or text Heritage Logging at 315-796-2941.

P.W. Creighton/TSM