Friday, March 29th, 2019

6 AM Hour

- Willie Waffle gives his weekend movie review! The big movie being released this weekend is Dumbo! (2 1/2 Waffles)

7 AM Hour

- Leigh Richardson is a Licensed Professional Counselor and is on to discuss the disturbing discovery of videos targeting children on YouTube with tips on how to commit suicide.

8 AM Hour

- Sandi Cassese is on this morning to talk about issues she has with Medicare and prescription drug prices.

- Richard Barrett is on this morning from Accent Magazine to give a preview of the next edition of the publication. It's being released this weekend!

- Jon Decker of Fox News Radio on charges being dropped against Jussie Smollett case. Even Trump is weighing in on the controversy.

- Mohamed Kenawy of Utica City FC calls in this morning to talk about a weekend of home games at The Adirondack Bank Center.

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