The Oneida County Sheriff's Office is investigating a report of suspicious activity on East Floyd Road in the Town of Floyd.

According to Sheriff Rob Maciol, a woman reported being pulled over by a vehicle with blue and red emergency lights in it's grill.

According to deputies, the woman stated a white male in his 30s to 40s and a Hispanic man around 20 to 30 years-old dressed in gray police uniforms and purple ties asked her to get out of the vehicle.

After the Hispanic man searched the vehicle, the woman received her license back and was told she was free to go.

According to authorities, the vehicle in question is described as a dark-colored Crown Victoria with lights in the grill.

In cooperation with surrounding police agencies, the vehicle was not identified as belonging to local or state police. The investigation is ongoing.

Sheriff Rob Maciol and the Oneida County Sheriff's Office is reminding people that while unmarked cars do exist, but may cause suspicion. Here are a few safety steps you can take if you are suspicious of a traffic stop.

Maciol says, if you feel you're being pulled over by a suspicious unmarked car you should,

  • Wait until you get to a well-lit and busy area such as a gas station or business.
  • You're also encouraged to call 911 and tell them you are being pulled over by an unmarked car and that you plan on doing so as soon as you safely can.
  • Give the dispatcher the make, model, color and license plate if you are able.
  • Somehow signal to the vehicle you are pulling over by using the flashers or giving a hand gesture of some kind.
  • Keep doors locked with your phone in hand until you know it's indeed law enforcement.
  • Ask for official documentation identifying the individual as a police officer.

If you have any information about the specific case in Floyd or if you experience a similar situation you are encouraged to contact the Sheriff's Office or dial 911.

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