As part of the Covid-19 relief plan passed by Congress late last year, you could get a $50 monthly discount on your home broadband. The Emergency Broadband Benefit Program was a part of the stimulus package and gave the FCC just over $3 Billion to cover the fund.

The internet. It's changed everything. It's completely changed how we communicate and how we do...everything. Grocery shopping, dating, and even work. It's no longer a "luxury" or an "extra," it's a must-have. This means that $75-$125 a month you pay for access is just another expense to add on top of the others. All those expenses add up.

Starting next week (May 12) you can sign up to get your discount from the FCC's broadband benefit program.

You probably have questions, like what is the FCC's broadband benefit, how do you know if you qualify and how to sign up. The short easy answer to the first question is that it's a subsidy program tied into the stimulus package Congress passed in December 2020.

Do you qualify? That's a bit trickier to answer. For that, you'll have to do a little reading HERE. There are a number of ways to qualify, so don't just read the first few and stop there.

And how do you sign up? There are multiple ways - online, through your provider, or even the U.S. Mail. Again, you can find all your options HERE..

One last thing and this is important, this is a temporary program. It will end. Kind of like the warranty on your car, either when the fund runs out of money or six months after the Department of Health and Human Services declares an end to the COVID-19 health emergency. Whichever happens first.

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