Congressman Anthony Brindisi is unveiling a new plan to counter Spectrum Cable rate increases.

Brindisi wants to use upcoming federal funding negotiations to force the FCC to take new and decisive action against cable and internet providers

Under Brindisi's plan, no later than 180 days after passage of a federal funding bill, the Chairman of the FCC must submit to Congress a public report that details actions to protect consumers from predatory actions by cable and internet companies.

It would also establish a working group to investigate the rising rates in the industry and requires the FCC to propose appropriate regulatory consequences for cable or internet companies fined by a state public service commission.

"Today I am all but shouting-out my plan to hold Spectrum accountable in the upcoming federal funding negotiations, where I will work to insert language Spectrum will have to fight like a dog to remove," Brindisi said.

Brindisi has also introduced the Transparency for Cable Consumers Act in the House, but the bill is currently sitting in committee.

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