Utica, NY (WIBX) - Utica's Comptroller has paid attorney J.K. Hage for the GroWest Investigation.

Michael Cerminaro says he issued a check to Hage &  Hage Friday in the amount of $177, 118.12, the original amount of the voucher submitted to the city in late September.

Because Cerminaro disputed the bill, Hage revoked what he called a professional discount for the city and later submitted a bill for $213,000.

It's unclear if the city will pay the difference and if it will be officially charged interest because it was more than three months late.

Cerminaro says he still disagree with the decision of State Supreme Court Justice Bernadette Clark, who ruled on Thursday that Cerminaro must pay up for the outstanding bill. He added that he still feels stronlgy that a full and complete investigative audit should have taken place before any payment was made.

"I thank Justice Clark for at least acknowledging tha fact that, in my heart, I truly felt that I was representing the people of the City of Utica, and their best interests in this matter."