Oneida and Herkimer counties started the new workweek with lower daily case totals, but there was one local death in the latest reports out Monday.

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The death was in Oneida County, the 409th county resident to die from the virus.

New cases in Oneida County totaled 22 in the latest report. Six of the last seven reporting days have seen totals of 40 or better, so the 22 is an improvement but trends develop over several days so local health officials will be keeping an eye on what's to come later this week. The new numbers dropped the county's three-day total to 36, down from the mid-40's over the last few days.

Active cases in the county are 467, stuck within the 460-490 range for the past two weeks. Hospitalizations were virtually unchanged at 19. Of those, four are said to nursing home residents - among the most vulnerable to COVID-19 and its symptoms.

After reporting a total of just three cases in reports on Saturday and Sunday, Herkimer County's update on Monday included five new cases and no deaths.

Herkimer County's three-day average for new cases is just below three - which is welcome news to any county.

As is the case for Oneida County, Herkimer's active case totals and hospitalizations show slight variations but are virtually unchanged of late. Active cases are 72. Of those, five are receiving hospital care for their sickness.


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