I'm sure many people have heard of laws that they cannot believe are on the books or were ever on the books.

What's the most interesting is that here in the United States, every state varies as well as each individual county or city. What's illegal in one place, might not be in another state.

You have to go back a long time when some laws were first put on the books to try and understand why they're even laws to begin with. New York State was a far different place 100 or 200 years ago and there are some laws that just slip trough the cracks -- meaning they're either not enforced and/or they're so ridiculous they're just not enforced.

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Here in New York State, there are quite a few strange, wacky and flat our ridiculous laws that some people probably break all the time. Looking at some of these, I have broken at least two or three for sure.

I wonder when was the last time anyone got busted for breaking any of these laws? If so, I would love to speak with them.

Here are 15 dumb laws in New York.

15 Dumbest Laws In New York State

How are these even laws in New York?

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