An estimated 2 Million accounts were hacked with stolen passwords to Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo and more over the last month.

The Washington Post is reporting that cybersecurity company, Trustwave, has identified that hackers used a keylogging software that installed itself on multiple computers and managed to capture user accounts to more than 93,000 websites including 318,000 Facebook accounts and 70,000 gmail accounts.

While the hackers' server has been located and the compromised accounts have identified, social media sites have already notified users regarding the hacked accounts and reset their passwords.

CNN Reports:

318,000 Facebook users; 70,000 Gmail, Google and YouTube accounts; 60,000 Yahoo accounts; 22,000 Twitter accounts; 9,000 Odnoklassniki Russian accounts; 8,000 ADP Fortune 500 accounts; and 8,000 LinkedIn accounts.


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