Oneida County has 20 new COVID-19 cases, brining the county's total of positive cases to date up to 313.

County Executive Anthony Picente said Wednesday there were no new deaths reported after he reported three fatalities on Tuesday.

Thirty-one Oneida County residents are currently hospitalized - 20 in MVHS facilities,seven at Rome Memorial Hospital and four out of county, he said.

The county exec also took issue with today's comments by Governor Cuomo regarding pressure to re-open the state, or parts of the state.

Picente said he was offended and ''didn't appreciate the patronizing tone.''

Earlier in the day Cuomo said 'political pressure' was driving most conversations about a re-openeing plan for the country and for New York.

''It's not about political pressure...we look to the leader of state government to work co-operatively,'' Picente said, adding that then when the pandemic began there was no playbook on how to deal with it. But, he did note that Oneida County took action on closing schools and put restrictions on visiting nursing homes before the Governor began issuing executive orders to the same effect.

''Nobody wants to be stupid. We are working to save lives, stop the spread and open our communities,'' Picente said. He said he hears fro people everyday who are deeply impacted by the mass shutdown of the economy.

''Low Risk'' Public Exposure in Rome Walgreens

A pharmacy tech at the Walgreens at 1616 Black River Blvd. in Rome in the past two weeks.

Oneida County Public Health Director Phyllis Ellis says the tech only worked in the pharmacy area on April 12 and 13. The worker did not have expsure to other areas of the store, she said. Additionally, the employee was wearing a PPE mask and gloves, and worked in an area that had a plastic shielding device in place, officials said. Ellis categorized the public exposure as 'low risk' but said those who may have been in the pharmacy area on those days should self monitor for symptoms through April 26 and 27.



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