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A Tough 24-Hours, 8 New COVID-19 Positives in Oneida County
Oneida County had its worst day in the COVID-19 crisis with eight new cases testing positive overnight, according to Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente. A total of 493 county residents have been tested so far to date and a total of 24 have been determined positive for the virus.
Picente Won't Change Policy on Revealing COVID-19 Locations
Three new positive COVID-19 coronavirus cases were announced at the Picente briefing on Wednesday afternoon, bringing Oneida County's total positive cases to 15. Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente has been holding 3 p.m. briefings since the crisis began two weeks ago.
Picente: Life will go back to normal
Oneida County has 244 residents under a mandatory quarentine and so far there have been five positive tests for COVID-19, county officials said on Friday afternoon.
As of 3:00pm Friday, Oneida County had:

328 residents tested
5 positive for COVID-19
244 under mandatory quarentine
49 negative test results
Oneida County COVID-19: 213 Tested, 223 Quarantined, 4 Positive
Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente briefed the media via a live feed without reporters in the room on Thursday afternoon. The decision to exclude members of the media was in an effort to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, which is growing at a high rate across New York State. There have be…

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