The 30-year-old Camillus, NY man who refused to get a job and vacate his parents' home, told WIBX radio's Bill Keeler on Wednesday, the judge's ruling against him doesn't mean he has to move out immediately. Mike Rotondo attempted to explain that his interpretation of the ruling will allow him about three additional months to prepare to move, which was what he was asking for in the first place. The initial order to vacate came on February 2nd. The Post Standard in Syracuse reported that Justice Donald Greenwood 'booted' Rotundo by denying his request for a six-month delay this week.

On Tuesday, Rotondo argued in Onondaga Supreme Court that because the landlord in this case, Mark and Christina Rotondo are his parents, he's entitled to 'extra time' in the eviction process based on previous case-law that gives family members 'special treatment' during an eviction process. The judge countered by explaining that the cited court decisions were overturned by New York's highest court, according to

Rotondo struggled to explain exactly what the Judge's ruling meant, if not eviction. He said his interpretation was that he does have to move out, but not immediately. He said he believes he'll be given until August to vacate the bedroom.

During the WIBX interview, Rotondo said he was not disruptive in the house, bought his own food and doesn't have the means to move out. He claimed the problem started when he wouldn't allow his parents to visit his 'grade school age' son.Rotondo himself, has a strict visitation order filed last year in family court that prevents him from seeing his son, whom he fathered sometime after he moved back into his parent's house. He said the mother has custody and he was granted supervised visitation which he was unable to arrange because of unreasonable restrictions. Rotondo said his denial of normal visitation was due to mental health issues, a charge that he disputes. "They said I'm some kind of nut case," he said and then confirmed it was because the court deemed him mentally unfit.

So when will he have to move out?

The father of one claims he should have the means to move out in three months. He also confirmed that he hates his parents, gets along worse with his father and admits the current living situation is awkward. "This became a bad situation that I've been trying to get out of," he said.  When asked how he would handle a situation like this with his own son, he said, "I'd never throw my son out."  He said that over the years his parents have repeatedly asked him to seek therapy, something he has refused to do. "If it was free I might do it; but, I'm not going to pay for it," he added.

When Keeler said he had to close out the 20-minute interview due to time, Rotondo said, "Oh, you're missing out." He promised to call back with an update sometime in the near future.

Listen to the complete interview below:

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